Quality policy

Centum are committed to providing consistently high-quality operatives, adhering to the highest level of personal service standards across all the sectors in which we operate.


Our approach to solving issues and negotiating challenges is always in line with current guidelines and always informative. Our clients and operatives encounter issues are always our priority in the ever-changing marketplace of today.


To meet these requirements and achieve the high standards we set ourselves, we have strict internal procedures governing how we gather and store our clients’ and operatives’ information, as well as a comprehensive series of processes for the way in which it is recorded, processed and screened.


Our internal systems and procedures are continually being reviewed and, where necessary, updated. Whether that concerns internal and external processes, or front and back office administration, we call on our daily experiences and interactions to pre-empt problems. The result is maximum efficiency of our resource management systems.


Finally, our IT systems are subject to continual review and revision, to ensure that we utilise and capitalise on technological advances available in the 21st century. This not only benefits staff, who can take advantage of the added speed and efficiency, but it also means our data is always secure, given the our security measures, and is fully compatible with our disaster recovery programme.

The principal elements of our policy are: –

Our Business Development Managers are crucial to the implementation and delivery of our quality processes, due to the fact that they are the first point of contact for clients and candidates. Therefore we have strict internal guidelines for their recruitment.

Developing and maintaining a Quality Management System that results in continual improvement, complete client satisfaction and achievement of all company objectives.
Establishing and maintaining an infrastructure that supports all company activities and contributes to the realisation of all company objectives.
Identify where and how improvement can be made in aspects of the company’s activities; building and implementing effective solutions as these improvements are identified.
Establishing a Management team that promotes a sense of common purpose, through their unwavering commitment and proactive implementation of the Quality Management System.

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