Environmental Policy

Centum’s core sustainability pillars:


Centum is aware and mindful of the potential effects and impacts of its activities on local communities and environments, in the pursuit of its contracts in the United Kingdom, Ireland and abroad.


Social progress which recognises the needs of everyone

Centum respects the needs and cultures of communities and countries in which it is working. Furthermore, the company will endeavour to utilise local labour and local suppliers wherever feasible.


Effective protection of the environment

Centum has implemented an Environmental Management System.  On all contracts, the company will complete an Aspects Impacts assessment on all planned activities, ensuring  that any which are deemed significant are carefully planned with control measures implemented to mitigate any potentially adverse environmental impacts. These controls will be commensurate with the risks.


Prudent use of natural resources

On every contract, Centum will seek to minimise their waste production and will establish a site waste management plan (SWMP) to manage, minimse and track waste arising from the project. In addition, careful consideration will be given to the efficient use of energy and materials, and activities will be planned accordingly.


Materials which are required and used will be obtained from environmentally friendly sources wherever possible.


Maintenance of high & stable levels of economic growth & employment

Adhering to this policy requires the Company to maintain a high but stable level of growth, profitability and employment. This is achieved through careful management of all aspects of its business. Particular attention will be paid to developing the Centum workforce, providing training in technical and corporate skills, which will both build the company’s reputation and benefit employees.

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