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Why work for Centum?

Careers at Centum

“As we grow, so do our Career Opportunities. We are looking for experienced, talented and driven individuals to join our fast growing team. 

“There are endless opportunities that we can offer our employees, we are dedicated to seeing them succeed and thrive within our working environment. 

“If you are interested in joining our team and developing your skills and experience, read below and apply – we would love to welcome you on board”. 

Michael McGlone – Managing Director


Labour Provision

Are you passionate about electrical or engineering work? Centum provides qualified labour supply to businesses in Ireland. We would love to meet with you to discuss your experience and placement expectations. We wish to ensure that the right candidates have experience in labour contracting for electrical and engineering tasks. If you are committed and approachable, impress us with your skills and character. Our successful labour recruitment team collaborates with hiring managers and proactively identifies hiring needs.

Electrical Apprenticeship

Centum is looking for qualified and enthusiastic electrical apprentices to fill entry-level electrical jobs. When you apply for an electrical apprenticeship, you may have the opportunity to work alongside experienced journeymen. Learn the skills needed to work as a certified electrician in Ireland. As an apprentice, you fulfil a vital role. Through a combination of classroom learning and on-the-job experience, you can take your skills to the next level. Available electrical apprenticeships at Centum allow you to hone basic skills and master new electrical opportunities. You will receive additional tasks as you progress. Learn to work in an industrial environment, maintaining load centres, transformers, switchboards, and other equipment.

Pharmaceutical Work

Centum places professionals from various backgrounds in the pharmaceutical industry. If you are an electrical contractor, engineer, or back-office professional, we may have a place for you at one of our pharmaceutical sites in Ireland. From electrical containment setup and maintenance - to recruiting and engineering positions, we need individuals with a breadth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Our clients include hospitals and bio-pharmaceutical companies in Dublin, all across Ireland and Europe. Help us meet the needs of diverse clients and work for a company committed to compliance and safety. You can gain experience in a variety of settings as our team mobilises on a local and international level to fulfil customer requirements.

Electrical Jobs

Are you passionate about electrical jobs in Ireland? Centum seeks experienced candidates for a variety of electrical work. We need electrical contractors who can install and maintain electrical systems. Electrical contracting duties include - break box maintenance, wiring, switch installation, and other duties as assigned in a commercial or industrial setting. If you have experience in the construction or data centre industries or have held commercial electrical jobs, you might be a brilliant fit for our team. For competitive wages and job opportunities in Dublin and other parts of Ireland, apply for electrical contracting work at Centum today. Include details of any apprenticeship and other professional education that you have completed

Data Centre Work

If you have electrical, engineering, or other professional experience in a data centre environment, we need your help! Centum provides subcontract services to companies throughout Ireland. While we focus on labour recruitment, engineering, and electrical contractors, we also place professionals in back-office positions, including accounting and HR. From the installation of containment for power and lighting to the automation of pharmaceutical equipment, there is a great need for skilled individuals ready to take on challenging data centre work. Would you like to work in Dublin or other locations in Ireland? Apply for data centre work today.

Industrial Work

In an industrial environment, safety and productivity come first. If you are looking for industrial work and have experience designing, maintaining, automating, or operating industrial equipment, apply today. Centum provides labour resources to industrial companies throughout Ireland. If you are an engineer, electrician, or back-office professional, we may have the right opportunity for you. We will ask candidates to demonstrate their skills and answer questions regarding specific qualities needed to thrive in an industrial environment with new challenges every day. Find out if you have what it takes to join the team at Centum.

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