Centum is a proud supporter of International Women’s Day 2023.

At Centum, we are committed to our diverse and inclusive workplace culture, reflected in our growing number of female employees over the past 12 months.

Women make up around 14% of construction industry professionals and this number is only set to rise. Misconceptions about gender-specific roles are gradually diminishing with a growing number of women choosing a career in construction and engineering. 

The responsibility falls on each and every one of us to continue to actively promote the contribution and achievements of the dynamic females on our team.

Speaking ahead of International Women’s Day, Michael McGlone, Director, said:

‘’While females in our industry may be fewer in numbers compared to males, their dynamic work ethic, attention to detail, and leadership makes a significant difference to the projects that we deliver throughout UK, Ireland and wider Europe”. – Michael McGlone, Director

At Centum we understand that we can all play a part in inspiring the next generation to become part of an exciting future for construction that places females and equality to the forefront.

To find out more about joining the team at Centum please visit out Careers Page

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