Centum is proud to announce that we are sponsoring Cormac Duffy as he takes on a hike up Mount Kilimanjaro for a local charity called PIPs. PIP’s are a suicide prevention charity based in Newry, County Down. Cormac is engaging in this extraordinary undertaking, which is both a physical and mental bid to coincide with his 10-year anniversary approaching of being free of gambling.

Cormac visited the office to give us an exclusive interview about his story of fighting his battles with gambling and how much PIPs and Centum supported him during this time whilst working for us. Cormac also talks about the rigorous training regime that he endured to ensure he was both physically and mentally ready to take on the climb.

Within the interview, Cormac openly talks about his battle with gambling, how he overcame it and provides some advice for people who are going through something similar.  

Or if you’re wanting to donate to Cormac’s climb, please clink his go-fund me link listed below:


And if you are going through anything similar or require someone to talk to, we do encourage you to visit the PIP website which has a list of confidential resources available: https://www.pipshopeandsupport.org/

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